Our Name

The term Galilee (gal’ih lee) as defined by Fausset, means “circle” or “region”, in the Biblical context, the same term was used prior to Israel’s conquest, being mentioned in Egyptian records, which is also referred to where Jesus devoted most of His earthly ministries.

                Our Service Standards

As part and parcel of our greater vision of fostering our growth in the competitive market, Galilee seals every experience of every guest with love and utmost hospitality. Our staff is naturally caring and trained to continuously explore customer service to guarantee satisfaction of our guests during their stay, thereby making their every visit a memory worth remembering.

Community Support

Being a service-oriented industry, a good number of people are therefore necessary to cater the needs of our clienteles. Currently, Galilee helps its direct communities through employment generation, in fact, 29 are regular employees, distributed from the Administrative Office, Life Guards, Maintenance Team, to Construction works. During peak seasons like summer and yuletide, more manpower are employed thereby increasing the quality of life of several families.

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