Galilee Mansion Hotel and Water Park Resort

Galilee Wonderland Hotel and Resort

  • WELCOME - Bulacan Resorts no. 1
    WELCOME - Bulacan Resorts no. 1

    Galilee Wonderland Bulacan Resorts - Waterpark and Hotel takes pride of its 8-hectare magnificent setting just at the heart of San Pedro, Bustos, Bulacan. A little above 40-minute drive away from the bustling life of the cosmopolitan, hidden wonders of perfectly carved swimming pools and soothing ambiance of this promising destination await your every step, smile and laughter.

    Galilee Bulacan Resorts demonstrates its accommodation facilities and indulgent amenities in scriptural overtones as they are named after biblical terminologies, like the resort’s brand itself, thereby paving way for a more calm and gentle milieu. The warm hospitability of its staff and the delectable cuisine complete your finest experience. Galilee would also like to take part of making memories of your special occasions and corporate undertakings through its prepared, luxurious and worth-reminiscing function venues just for you. It defines your moments, relaxation, fun and recreation by its own benchmark of truly picturesque scenery and on top, is its way of treasuring your stay – an experience more than meets the eye.


    Rarely do people set out grand ideas and gather massive collection of successes instantly, rather, those façade of greatness started rolling on from little vision and small steps of courage and sheer determination.

    The same is true for Galilee Wonderland - Waterpark and Hotel.

    The crisp of the morning dews, tenderness of the alluring sunset and the serenity of chaste plains embraced the 5th day of March 2004, marking the establishment of Galilee on a 3-hectare land, blessed and appointed to gratify the prominence of the graces of the Almighty. Three (3) swimming pools (Ark of Covenant, Jordan River and Pools of Siloan) were carved out, which, by then, primarily cater water baptisms. These devout undertakings are celebrated through simple fellowships under the shelter of Gethsemane Hall, just within the vicinity.

    The leaves of time turned just fine for Galilee, it continues to grow and now expanding its business engagements and sow investments to fortify its vision of becoming one of Bulacan’s top destinations. The advent of Galilee Mansion and the mushrooming of several other pools, cottages and other facilities and amenities in Galilee prove its growth thereby establishing its name right on the spot of the Philippine Resort Industry.

Pool and Hotel Rates

GALILEE MANSION Room Type No. of Units Room Rate Occupancy Suite Room 6 3,000.00 Double Standard Room 24 2,800.00 Double Dormitory 4 10,000.00 16 Pax…

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden ØBiblical History – The place where the first man, Adam and his wife, Eve, lived after they created by God. The image of the garden also creates a location for human…

The Gethsemane Hall

The Gethsemane Hall ØBiblical History – the place where Jesus and his disciples are said, have prayed the night before Jesus crucifixion. ØA multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 800 to 1000 persons.

House of Genesis

House of Genesis ØBiblical History – Genesis is the foundation of the whole bible. It is the beginning, the why, the first promise. ØAn eight (8) air-conditioned rooms which can be used by our guest…
Pools of Siloan ØBiblical History – “Siloan” is a Hebrew word meaning “Sent One”. Thos pool is a sent one which symbolized blessings of God when the man was healed as he washed his eyes…
The Jordan River ØBiblical History – Jesus came to the Jordan River where He baptized by John the Baptist. This event conclude with the heavens opening, a dove-like descent Holy Spirit and a Voice from…
The Ark of Covenant ØBiblical History – the ARK is a chest containing tablet of stone on which Ten Commandments were inscribed. The ark was built at the command of God, where He communicated with…
Cottages   Upper Cottages (30-100 pax) Concrete Cottages (12 pax) Semi Concrete (12 pax) Nipa Hut (12 pax) Umbrella


Rooms Suite Room Standard Room Dormitory Room Comfortable Luxurious Beds Colored TV Individually – Controlled Air-Conditioning Unit Personal Refrigerator Free Wi-Fi Telephone/PABX Toilet & Shower with Hot & Cold Water Prayer Room Facilities Swimming Pool…

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